I have always loved publix fountains. We do not have many in the Northeast cause they freeze up to often. But here is one from downtown Portsmouth, NH in Market Square. It adds to much to a walk around town.

From Nate's Insta | This lady right here maybe another year older - but looking another couple years younger because of alot of hard work and faithfulness. And she has been putting up with me and all my shananigans. Love you more today then yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Happy Birthday Angela!: instagram.com/p/B2WstH5AuQfjc3

From Nate's Insta | Heading home after a great conference. But there is no place like home. : instagram.com/p/B2UTXquAzP8e4D

It used to be a sacred playground. Not so much anymore: There are currently more iPhone hacks than ever, says report.Prices for iPhone exploits are apparently going down because there are so many. gonerd.me/4

An AI system identified a potential new drug in just 46 days: gonerd.me/2

VirtualBox just not doing it for me anymore - too many bugs lately. Have switched to VM Player. But if I want the full package - $150... ouch. is expensive. Worth it? Not sure yet, but easiest install of a VM on linux yet. 😜

So being a little bit of a weather nerd being watching Hurricane - praying for everyone's safety - but it is super nerd cool to see the radar lighting up.

Can my instance become my primary blog portal? That will be the questions over the next year as I redirect my nerdynate sites to here.

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